Transfer money

to Bulgaria

transfering money from the UK to foreign worldwide bank accounts such as Bulgaria or other Eastern European countries is exactly what our team here at Pay2Globlal specialise in. We guarantee low fees with a great exchange rate if you want to transfer money to Bulgaria from the UK at any time of day or night.

Whether you're buying a property, paying suppliers whatever the reason, if you need to transfer money from the UK into a bank account in Bulgaria then it will need to be converted into Bulgarian Lev (which is the currency in Bulgaria) you will need advice if you wish to get the very most out of your money. In some instances if payments are likely to go on over a lengthy period then it can be best to try and get a exchange rate that you are happy with fixed for a certain length of time to be sheltered from any negative market changes.

Find out how to transfer money to Bulgaria

To transfer money from a UK bank account into a bank account in Bulgaria can be done in just a few quick stages. Just choose the worldwide destination you would like to transfer the money to, followed by the details of the recipient's bank account and then select how much money you are transfering followed by checking all the details you inputted and the deal is done.

Because Pay2Global offer the most competitive exchange rates you can find on the market, you know you are getting the most you can for your money. You can also rest assured that the worldwide payments you make through Pay2Global will not only be a good financial decision but will also widely decrease your exposure to fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

When it comes to fees, our fees are very low priced only charging you a maximum of £4 based on international transfers of £301 and over. We also have a 24-hour money transfer facility available so you can transfer money to Bulgaria very quickly at any time.