Transfer money

to Spain

If you would like to transfer money to Spain from a bank account in the UK then Pay2Global offers this service with a simple and easy to follow process ensuring you get the best rate of exchange that we can get for you with some of the lowest fees on the market, especially when compared to high street banks up and down the UK.

When you go ahead and transfer your money with Pay2Global you will soon realise what a good financial decision this is because you will get a lot more for your money, mainly down to the excellent rate of exchange that we will get you but also because our fees are very low priced only charging you a maximum of £4 based on any international transfers over £301.

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the British and is a magnet for sun lovers nearly all year round. Whether looking for a holiday home or maybe even a home to settle in when retired. At Pay2Global we assist many UK customers in transfering money to this part of Europe.

The currency in Spain is the Euro and with Pay2Global you can be sure that you will get the most pounds for your pounds when transfering money from a UK bank account into a Spanish bank account. Spain has always been the number one overseas destination for UK citizens buying property abroad.

Follow 4 easy stages to transfer money to Spain

All you need to do is choose the Spain as the destination you wish to transfer money to followed by the details of the recipients bank account, select how much money you would like to transfer and then check and confirm all the information and your money is ready to be moved.

At Pay2Global you can transfer money from a UK bank account into a bank account in Spain at any time of day or night with our 24-hour money transfer service. A professional service, a great rate of exchange and competitively low fees are exactly why you need to contact us today.