Transfer money

to Turkey

To transfer some money to an account in Turkey, then Pay2Global supplies this service with a simple transparent process making sure you get the best exchange rate we can get for you with the added bonus or our exceptionally low fees.

transfering your funds via Pay2Global couldn't be a better financial decision because as will become clear you will get a lot more for your money, mainly down to the excellent rate of exchange that we will get you but also because our fees are very low priced only charging you a maximum of £4 based on international transfers of £301 and over.

Turkey is a huge country located to the far west of Asia. It is home to many incredible landscapes and beautiful natural wonders. With a perfect climate and only being a few hours on a plane from the UK, Turkey is becoming evermore popular with UK buyers looking for a holiday home or maybe even a home to settle for good when retired. At Pay2Global we assist many UK customers in transfering money to this part of the Asian continent.

If for example you are considering buying property in Turkey, then at some stage you will need to make payments in foreign currency, in this case payments in Turkish Lira into a bank account in Turkey. In some instances if payments are likely to go on over a lengthy period then it can be best to try and get a competitive exchange rate fixed for a certain period of time to be sheltered from any possible market changes that could end up costing you more money.

Take 4 easy steps to transfer money to Turkey

Everything you need to do to transfer money from the UK into a bank account in Turkey can be completed in just a few easy processes. Simply just choose the worldwide destination you would like to transfer funds to followed by the details of the overseas bank account that is to be receiving the funds and then all you have to do is select how much money you would like to transfer and then check and confirm all details and away your money goes.

At Pay2Global we offer a 24 hour money transfer function so you can transfer any amount of money you need to at any time to any destination all in just a minute or two.