Transfer money

to Australia

If you're looking to transfer money to Australia now then Pay2Global can provide this service with a simple to follow process and with an excellent exchange rate and some of the lowest fees around.

When t comes to transfering money abroad, whether to foreign bank accounts in Australia, or other overseas accounts throughout the world, with Pay2Global you can be assured that your getting the best service. Our years of experience in this industry enables us to transfer your money to any account you wish and our team of professionals here will always get you a great exchange rate.

Australia is a very popular destination for UK residents to go on holiday and also to live. Its climate is ideal in most areas and being so spacious with such a low population compared to the UK it is no wonder why so many do. Pay2Global can help you transfer money to accounts in Australia whether the bank accounts are located in Sydney, Melbourne, wherever.

The currency in Australia is the Australian Dollar, and it is the third most traded currency in the world. If paying for an item or service in Australian Dollars then you want to make sure you get the most for your pounds sterling. Our rates and fees are sure to beat any high street bank of other outlets when transfering money abroad from the UK.

4 easy steps to transfer money to Australia

At Pay2Global we can help you to send money to Australia in 4 simple and easy to follow steps as follows. First select Australia as your chosen destination, then add the amount of money you need to transfer and select the method of payment followed by the details of the beneficiary. Then just confirm all the details and click to transfer your money.

If you transfer your money through Pay2Global you will find that you get a lot more for your money. Not only because you will be getting an unbeatable rate of exchange but also because our fees are extremely reasonable. We only charge a maximum of £4 on money transfers over £301.

When it comes to transfering money to anywhere in the world then Pay2Global offers you peace of mind with our 24 hour money transfer facility and with the added benefit of being able to do this wherever you may be, and without actually having to handle any money with your own hands.